One Dog’s Old Toy Could Be Another Dog’s New Joy

One Dog’s Old Toy Could Be Another Dog’s New Joy


For the love of dog, don’t toss that toy!

We know. Once a plushy loses its appeal or stuffing, it’s tempting to chuck it into the trash, but there are other options.

Here are a couple more eco-friendly ways to give your pup’s old toy a second life (or let it rest in pieces):

1. RePawpose It

Sustainability is our specialty at Pawty Animals. When you purchase a toy from us, we send a recyclable pre-paid postage parcel you can use to send back toys that no longer spark joy. Whether your dog has lost interest or conquered a stuffy, send it back to us. We’ll make the necessary repairs then donate it to a rescue pup in need. You can learn more about our RePawpose Program here.

2. Reuse It

Stuffing can be used for other stuff! Add some plumpness to your dog’s bed, fluff up an old pillow, or get crafty and use it to fill a home-sewn toy.

3. Recycle It

Our toys are made from recyclable materials for a doggone good reason. If it’s too destroyed to be repaired and you’re not feeling like doing a DIY, simply send it to its final resting place in the blue bin.

Already re-gifted, reused, and recycled all your old toys and need to replenish your collection? Check out our collections here.

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